The Lure of The BAJA - coming in February 

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This writer had the opportunity to race two Baja Events in Baja California, Mexico and meet some really great people and find out what I'm made of. I am putting together this unique story on how to race the Baja and some tips and tricks. Thanks to my co-rider Rob Poznoff and Team Greem Kawasaki, we managed 2 respectible finishes. At both the Baja 500 and Baja 1000. You will see maps, pictures, links and a great story.
Read it in February...

Blink Magazine

Written by Charlie Halpin



I received this Gmail - You did it! House drops Arctic drilling! 

Dear NRDC Action Fund Supporter,

Fantastic news! Late last night, after months of intense pressure from millions of pro-environment activists like you, the House leadership dropped its plan to allow oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as part of the budget bill.

In the end, they were forced to retreat after some 22 courageous Republican Congressmen stood their ground and promised to vote against their own party's budget if it sacrificed America's greatest wildlife refuge. With every single Democrat also opposing the budget, the leadership blinked.

It was the kind of showdown at high noon that restores one's faith both in democracy and the sanctity of America's natural heritage.

Make no mistake: we must now remain vigilant. Senate and House negotiators could still revive the Arctic drilling provision when they hammer out a final budget measure next month (the Senate version of the budget includes Arctic drilling).

If that happens, we'll be calling on you to shore up Republican moderates in the House who have promised to oppose and defeat any such last-ditch ploy to sneak Arctic drilling into the final budget legislation.

But last night's development is a stunning setback for President Bush, for Congressional leaders, and for the oil lobby -- all of whom vowed that 2005 would be the year they finally pried the Arctic Refuge out of the clenched hands of the American people.

And it is a huge -- and I mean HUGE -- victory for all of us in the
environmental community.

Just one year ago, Washington insiders were saying that Arctic drilling was a done deal. President Bush was claiming a post-election mandate to industrialize the Arctic Refuge, and the pro-oil contingent of the Republican Party had just tightened its majority grip on both houses of Congress. You couldn't find a
pundit anywhere who would give us a wisp of a chance.

But millions of people like you did the impossible! Petition by petition, phone call by phone call, contribution by contribution, you helped us turn the tide in one of the toughest uphill political battles of the past decade.

Although this battle may not be over, yesterday was a red letter day for the Arctic Refuge -- the greatest day since it was first protected by Congress 25 years ago -- but it is much more than that, too. It is a triumph for America.

November 9, 2005 was the day that nature prevailed over corporate greed, that beauty triumphed over a dead-end energy plan. It was the day we reminded Washington that preserving wilderness is a core American value -- and that we intend to keep it that way.

I know we can count on your help next month if Senate and House leaders dare to bring Arctic drilling back to the floor for a vote.


John H. Adams
NRDC Action Fund



Charlie Halpin - Blink Magazine 

I have started to move away from Blogger and have started to build my own sites with Movable Type and hosted by Living Dot. The MT was a little tricky but the incredible support given by the fine people at Living Dot allowed me to get it going with my busy schedule.
I'm not kidding the Living Dot support is what it's all about. I can now feel secure in spending gobs of money with LD. As for past hosts...water under the bridge. Thanks LivingDot

They have great plans with Movable Type bundled in. Very Nice.

And now that I have all this real estate, I'm looking for motorsports / travel / events writers who want to be a part of a future network of targeted and ad rich online magazines. (I'll remember you) Hopefully I'll figure out how to get paid to do this. Meanwhile it's free.

We are doing a lot of crazy motorsport events in 06 with a targa NFLD entry currently being built from an Integra 00. And other track and solo events.

Join the fun in 06

You'll find my address on one of these dam blogs somewhere.



Blink Magazine™ - It's ALIVE! 

Finally, I've sprung for real blogware (MT3.2) and a real host (LivingDot). So I have started Blink Magazine and I will be bringing a unique view to the world about Cars, Motorcycles, Gadgetry, Places and Parties.
Unique?: I have experience in certain worlds like auto and motorcycle racing. I raced in the Baja 1000 a few times and have been all over North America. I have owned over 50 cars, 15 trucks, 20 motorcycles, 5 race vehicles and I am building an Integra now to enter the 06 Targa in Newfoundland plus various rally events both summer and winter.
  • I hope to bring this attitude across in the Magazine.
  • If you would like to write stories for it, feel free to contact me. Input? I seek it.
  • Please enjoy but give me a little time to figure out the new software.
Blink Magazine
You can help with support by donating via Paypal on the site. Yes I know this is pretty optimistic but you may like what you see and what to support our endeavers.



Harley-Davidson strength leaves Wall Street eating words 

Harley-Davidson shares surged yesterday after the motorcycle maker rode roughshod over Wall Street forecasts.

The company said the poor weather that hit first-quarter sales had given way to a brighter outlook and posted second-quarter profits of $237m, a decline of around 4pc on the same period last year but still well above analysts' estimates.

Investors also shrugged off news that the company was facing an investigation by the Securities & Exchange Commission regarding its April announcement that it was cutting its production forecasts. That news sent the shares reeling and prompted a number of shareholder lawsuits, which accused Harley of "material misrepresentation" to artificially inflate its share price in the months leading up to the announcement.

Telegraph | Money



The SEO Blog: Yahoo! Publisher Network to Compete with AdSense 

For the past four years, Google has been the undisputed leader in search. Its rivals, Yahoo!, MSN and Ask Jeeves have spent the past few years working to narrow the vast technological and popularity gap between them and the great Google. It has been a long and hard fought series of skirmishes and battles but this week, two of the three, Yahoo! and Ask Jeeves, signaled they might be getting closer.

In June 2003, Google made one of the wildest moves in the history of the Internet by innovating on the paid-advertising idea originally conceived by Overture. Already the most popular tool among search engine users, Google gave website publishers a revenue generating gift that kept on giving. Google's great PPC innovation was to permit AdWords advertising to appear on private websites, splitting the click-through fees 50/50 with the private webmasters whose sites delivered traffic. By giving private webmasters the opportunity to generate incidental revenues by acting as billboards for AdWords, Google saw profits from AdWords skyrocket while Internet users became conditioned to accept the small and unobtrusive ads.
The SEO Blog: Yahoo! Publisher Network to Compete with AdSense



MochaSofa : Best cities for antiques 

Toronto is crammed with antiques, collectibles, flea markets and second-hand shops. The best way for a newcomer to start is to visit the areas of the city with the best quality goods and the most knowledgeable dealers. They are generous with advice and will have plenty of ideas for you.
MochaSofa : Best cities for antiques


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